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Last year, when The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy was published, I thought it would be my last trip to Marquess House. It has always been planned as a trilogy but as the final reveals took place in the story and I tied up my loose ends, it didn’t feel like an ending. Instead, it felt as though I was arriving at a new beginning for my characters. Perdita and Piper were now armed with the knowledge of the secret (I won’t reveal anything here in order to avoid spoilers!). They had people around them who were loyal, who loved them and were now as deeply embroiled as the twins in this revelation. My spectacular ending had somehow transformed into a new platform for Perdita, Piper, Kit, Callum and the rest of the Marquess House and Jerusalem families to move forward and reveal more secrets.

My initial thought was, No, it’s a trilogy, leave it alone. Instead, I began working on a new series, I knew the historical period and even some of the characters who I wanted to research, exploring their lives, delving into their secrets – both real and imagined – I even began writing with new present-day characters.


There was something wrong. The story was right. It was the characters. Every time I wrote my new female lead’s name, I wanted to write Perdita. The male lead felt wrong. The story felt twisted, as though I was trying to fit it into the incorrect shape.

One day, in a moment of curiosity, I decided to place the story at Marquess House. Immediately, it made sense. With great trepidation, I wrote a pitch for this fourth book and sent it to my agent with my fingers crossed. She came back saying she thought it worked and Sapere Books agreed, signing up the unexpected next instalment.

As I was halfway through the short story The Weeping Lady Conspiracy, it was clear, Perdita, Piper and Kit remained very much part of my life and it was great to be spending time at Marquess House again.

This is how The Marquess House Trilogy became The Marquess House Saga.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be able to reveal the title of Book Four, in the meantime, The Weeping Lady Conspiracy is available for preorder and will be published on Thursday 15 April 2021. I hope you enjoy it.

The Marquess House Saga:

Book One: The Catherine Howard Conspiracy:

Book Two: The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy:

Book Three: The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy:

Short Story: The Weeping Lady Conspiracy:

Book Four: Coming Soon