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The year 2019 has been an extraordinary one for me. After years of trying I finally succeeded in having a book published. Two books, in fact: The Catherine Howard Conspiracy and The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy. Both have been bestsellers on Kindle and over the course of the year they’ve led me to get to know some wonderful people, mostly on social media, but a few outside it too.


It’s been incredible, so thank you everyone who has helped to make this year so magical, especially the team at Sapere Books, my lovely agent, Sara, and all you wonderful folk who have read the first two in the Marquess House Trilogy or listened to it on the audio books. Book three: The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy, will be available to pre-order in January 2020 and all the secrets will be revealed.




Until then, thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Lots of love, Alexandra