How do you choose a new book?

Morning all, it’s Friday and I’ve just posted on Twitter about the book I’m reading at the moment: At Risk by Stella Rimington, the
former head of Security Services.

It’s a new genre for me but espionage has always been a subject of interest, so it seemed time to give it a try, which  made me wonder, how other people choose their books? What draws you to a new read? Is it the cover? Recommendations? Favourite authors? Genre? Price? Instinct?


All these have affected my choices over the years. Some books you know from the moment you read the first line that you’re going to love the story, others are more of slow burn and creep up on you, suddenly enveloping you in their plot. But, what is it that makes you pick it up in the first place?


I’m going to post this link on social media (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and LinkedIn), let me know on whichever of these you prefer what it is that leads you to make your book choices.


Take care and have a great weekend.