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Whoever thought a sunny Thursday in March could be so life-changing? For most people it’s probably a normal day but for me, it’s a day of dreams come true. After years and years of dreaming, followed by years and years of writing, of getting so close I could almost touch it, of seeing book deals dissolve before my eyes and of thinking it would never happen: I’m finally a published author.

The Catherine Howard Conspiracy is now live. It is a real book. She’s out on her own in the big wide world and I have to stand by to watch her succeed or fall on her own. Hardly nerve-wracking at all! Even more exciting, The Catherine Howard Conspiracy is an Amazon best seller, which is truly the most unexpected thing.


Thank you to everyone who has bought it, I hope you enjoy the story and if you do, it continues for another two books: The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy and The… Sorry, that would be telling!


And if you want the paperback, the link is here but it’ll join up to the eBook later today!


Thanks again to all the gang at Sapere Books, you’re dream makers!