Mary of Guise has to go…

Writing has been patchy over the last few weeks. I began wondering whether or not to include Mary of Guise (Mary, Queen of Scot’s mother) as another protagonist and wrote a few chapters with this in mind.

Then I ground to a staggering halt.

Over the years I’ve learned that this means my plotting has gone awry somewhere. So, despite a few more attempts to crowbar her in, none of which were successful, I returned to my original premise, and as of this morning, Mary is out. Instead, the plot continues to move backwards and forwards between Isabella and Catherine Howard.

Sadly, I might also have to lose my slightly sinister but vaguely amusing assassins, too. Although they might be able to have a cameo role in this one and a bigger role in the sequel. Not sure though. It would be a shame to lose them as they’re named after my hairdressers and it causes great hilarity whenever I have my hair done.

What always amazes me though, is how in the writing of a story characters seem to come and go of their own volition, taking on their own lives and doing things I never intended. In fact, another character, who was a really minor one in previous drafts, has, in the last few days suddenly developed an extremely detailed life and is now set to become a major player. I’m not sure how or where it’s come from but it’s the missing key I was looking for and now I’ve worked it out, it’s an obvious link. That’s why I love writing so much, even as the author you can never fully guarantee you’re always going to know what happens next.

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