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Publication day for The Catherine Howard Conspiracy – Book One of The Marquess House Trilogy, is drawing ever nearer and the Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) have been out and about for a few weeks now, which means REVIEWS.

I have to admit,
when I was told
The Catherine Howard Conspiracy was being reviewed my emotions travelled with lunatic, cartoon-like speed from excitement, to curiosity, then to trepidation.
A huge part of me and many, many years of my life have gone into this series and knowing it’s out there being read by book-lovers and book-bloggers is thrilling but also nerve-racking.

When you sit alone and write, it’s easy to lose perspective on your ideas. Are they good? Or are they the worst pile of old nonsense in the world? Depending on the day and your mood, it’s easy to vacillate between the two from minute-to-minute. Which is why, the incredibly positive and supportive response of the reviewers has been so overwhelming and quite humbling. All I can say, is thank you.

If you fancy reading the reviews for yourself, the link to  Good Reads where they are featured is here:

Thank you, once again, to everyone who has taken the time to read and review The Catherine Howard Conspiracy, you’re all wonderful.

And, before you leave, from March, I’m going to be blogging about some of the real-life historical figures I’ve used to create this story. It would be great if you felt like reading them.

Take care,

Alex. xx

The Catherine Howard Conspiracy is available for pre-order from:

It will be released on Thursday 28 March 2019 which is when
you can order both the digital and paperback editions from
the above link.

You can also view it at: