She Dreamed

In my continuing adventures with flash fiction, this is a curious piece. The plan was to write it as a stand alone strand but in the flow of words it became clear it has connections with my previous fragment, The Space Between Breath. They can be read separately or as a whole because just like life, writing is full of unseen, unexpected connections which when noticed can offer surprising incites and rewards.

Hope you enjoy it.

She Dreamed

She dreamed about him again last night. His touch, his feel, the heat of his skin but as their lips met she awoke and only ashes remained. Wrapped in the bleakness of her soul the deepening night grew heavy around her shoulders until she felt she would suffocate in her despair. Her heart beat on, holding her in the pain she could not escape. She stared, unseeing into darkness, waiting for sleep, praying for its oblivion, for the hope the dreams of him would return.

Figures, words, fragments chased their tails around her mind, whirling their clawed fingers along the edges of her sanity, beating back the night to the place where no dreams existed, where time stopped and there was nowhere to think, only to feel. The imprint of his fingers burned into her skin, each touch an echo, criss-crossed with silver scars, layer upon layer of indelible memories clinging to her heart.

She ached for his soul. For the part of her he stole. Slowly stripped away with each disarming smile, each lingering kiss, each broken, whispered promise made with his body. A shadow lost to the music of the stars, now spinning crystal white beyond her reach. The moment when ice replaced warmth, when the sound of his laughter became haunting and he vanished into silence, leaving only his cruel smile on the air. His words snatched away with his body.

Rage, confusion, rejection. Yet hope remained with the remnants of his touch, his thoughts. The yearning to linger in the shadow of his memory. Not yet ready to believe it was done. Her soul still in his pocket, his smile still in her heart. The bond not broken, only fractured.

Fragments of night stole around her, the caressing fingers teasing, soothing, easing rigid limbs into liquid darkness as her furious mind calmed with the rolling waves of night. Each breath slowing as she reached out for release, begged for hope, for peace. Dragged slowly into the folds of her fading imagination she slid once more into his arms and possibility.