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It’s six weeks today since @SapereBooks made my dream come true and published my first novel #TheCatherineHowardConspiracy.  It was years in the writing: research, more research, rewrites, new characters, new writing style, new agent but, finally, it was on the page and winging its merry way into the world. Since it was published on 28 March 2019,  it’s been an Amazon Bestseller, received over 100 reviews and, the thing that has amazed me the most, are the many wonderful messages I’ve been sent from readers, reviewers and book bloggers  who have enjoyed it. It’s humbling and I can’t express my thanks enough.


Even more exciting, part two of the series, #TheElizabethTudorConspiracy will be out on 2 June 2019, which is only four weeks away. To have one book published is incredible, to have two is beyond words.


Not only that, #BookThree of #TheMarquessHouseTrilogy is going very well, in fact, the end is in sight and it’s very strange to finally be revealing all the secrets I’ve been keeping hidden for so long in Marquess House. Putting these big reveals on the page is both exhilarating and sad; it’s great to share the end with everyone but it also means I won’t be spending my days with Perdita, Piper, Kit and everyone else at Marquess House. They’ve been with me for such a long time, I’ll miss them. Although, it isn’t goodbye yet, there is the rest of the book to finish and that won’t happen overnight, so I won’t start the leaving party too early.

Now, back to Marquess House where the secrets are being uncovered thick and fast!

Thanks again everyone, especially the wonderful people at Sapere Books, as ever, you’re awesome! @SapereBooks #amwriting #books #historicalfiction #thankyou