Sleep Well

A little while ago, the lovely people @pukkaherbs asked if I would fancy trying their organic Night Time tea, as well as a selection of other fabulous herbal blends. As I’m allergic to ordinary black tea (NIGHTMARE!) my preferences for the past few years have been the herbal variety. This  was a perfect match.

The Night Time tea has been expertly blended with the finest quality organic herbs to help bring relaxation as you prepare for bed. Usually, sleeping is something I do best but, as a lot of us have discovered during these strange times of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, our normal routines have occasionally been disrupted. Finding a way to help me sleep better was not something to ignore.

With a soothing blend of oatstraw flowering tops, lavender flower, chamomile flower, limeflower and valerian, sipping this heavenly blend was the perfect way to take a moment of calm for myself each evening as I began to settle down for a good night’s sleep. The valerian acts as a natural sedative helping to ease tension and anxiety, while the remaining ingredients are designed to encourage healthy, undisturbed sleep, leading to a regularised sleeping pattern that calms and grounds the body and mind.

If this isn’t enough to help restore your nocturnal nature, #PukkaNightTime has created a seven-day, step-by-step routine with one tip per day helping to build a more relaxed sleep pattern, with tips on how to create the perfect sleep environment through to establishing your unique wind-down sleep routine. There is even a sleep diary to help you pinpoint any problems with your bedtime routine and help you unwind naturally.

My bedroom routine includes reading, so to sit in bed, my current book in my hand, sipping a mug of #PukkaNightTime was a great way to end a busy day in the writing hut.

For more information, visit or head to @pukkaherbs on Instagram.