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There’s not much longer to wait now before I can reveal some news about the final instalment of The Marquess House Trilogy:
The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy. As a little tease, I thought I’d choose a paragraph from the present day section and one from the historical story to whet your appetites.

There are no spoilers, only a tiny tiny glimpse of what is coming your way very soon.

Hope you enjoy the preview.


Perdita and Kit

After a few moments of fiddling, the strap holding the trunk shut moved. Perdita held her breath as, with care, Kit inched the leather through the toggle. When it was free, he turned to her and grinned. Her heart was beating in excitement. This reminded her of being on a dig, when every trowel full of earth might offer up a secret. Kneeling in front of the trunk, as though she were praying at an altar, Perdita pulled a mask across her face, the others mirrored her, then she gripped the edges of the lid and eased it open.

Arbella Stuart

Shaking her head to rid it of such dispiriting thoughts, Arbella resumed her pacing, reviewing her plans and evaluating their continuing viability. She had grown up surrounded by strong women and had learned from the nursery that in order to protect oneself in the uncertain world of the court, it was essential to remain forever alert and to build around oneself a trusted network of friends, spies and informers. This was even more important when royal blood flowed through your veins, as it did through hers, making her a potential heir to the throne of England.

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