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At last, I can announce the name and show you the cover of the final part of The Marquess House Trilogy.
The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy.
All the secrets are revealed.

The question I’ve been asked the most about this book is: who is Arbella Stuart? To give some context, she was the daughter of Charles Stuart, 1st Earl of Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish. Charles was the youngest son of Lady Margaret Douglas (The Catherine Howard Conspiracy) and Elizabeth was the daughter of Bess of Hardwick (The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy). It was through Lady Margaret Douglas that Arbella received her royal blood and her claim to the English throne. For most people she’s an unknown historical figure, yet, had things gone differently, Arbella could have been queen after Elizabeth I. All this and more is explained in The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy.

Even better, all the present day secrets at Marquess House are revealed as Perdita, Piper and Kit continue their search for the missing jewels and in the process uncover many other secrets.


Check back soon for the publishing date for
The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy.