The Spell

After enjoying the last piece of flash fiction so much, here’s another one.

She cast a spell for oak

When she cast the spell, she asked for Oak but Bear appeared instead. He stood behind her and waited for her to turn but she was reluctant. This wasn’t the plan, this was the monster at the edge of the map, this was the temptation. Oak was the answer: immovable, reliable, solid. Bear was from the stars: he was the question. He reached across the divide and she was wary. She had not anticipated it again. This avenue, once embarked upon with trepidatious but bold feet; now broken, she could not stand to take the path again.

‘It was meant to be Oak,’ she repeated.

But still it was Bear who chuckled in the darkness. Walking closer, shadowing her footsteps, his breath warm and the strength of his deadly, glittering claws ever there. A warning? A promise? A punishment? A charm? She could not tell.

‘Oak,’ she repeated doggedly. ‘Oak.’

But up in the stars, Bear twinkled, waiting.

She cast the spell again, asking the air, but the wishes turned to moonbeams, travelling high and fast, creeping through the tangle of words at the edge of light, captured by the stars and Bear gathered them hungrily to his soul. Waiting. She threw her words to the waters and the waves crested, white tips glowing, horses racing ever onwards, but Bear reached casually down and scooped up the white lies with his fearsome claws. Waiting.

The fire ripped through the chants. Furiously devouring the anticipation of their meaning, stoking the heat, licking at Oak, scorching and teasing, pushing Oak away, illuminating the path for Bear to stare down and wonder. Only earth remained but even buried deep in the dark, damp soil the words grew golden and pushed their way to the surface and the light. Mistletoe berries finding Oak at last but wrapping their gleaming white fingers, their rustling green branches around and around until Oak was finally no more.

Bear smiled. Waiting.

She sighed. This was the edge of time. It was meant to be Oak.

Yet, she turned.

Bear smiled. Brown eyes glinting as he flexed his claws and covered her in moonlight, gathering her into his soul.

She closed her eyes and stepped forward, allowing him to pierce her heart.