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The Wind Chime

A long time ago, I woke up with the idea for a story running around my head. Finally, this adventure is about to be published. The Wind Chime will be on preorder on Amazon in the next few weeks, with a release date for June, so it isn’t too long to wait!

The story behind this story is almost as odd as some of the coincidences in the tale itself. However, not wishing to deliver spoilers before the book is even out in the real world that’s a blog for another time. For now, I’m happy to bask in the sheer beauty of the cover and the hope that when you read it, you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you as ever to the great team at Sapere Books, thanks also to Victoria and @VC_BookCovers for the gorgeous design. Another big thanks to the brilliant Carol Mcgrath for reading The Wind Chime last year and sending me such wonderful feedback.

More soon.

Alexandra xx